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Embed training, induct new staff or build a team using our intuitive QuizJam tournament builder.


Deploy an engaging tournament to anyone with a smartphone or tablet, around the world in minutes.


Identify knowledge gaps, reveal leaders and show training ROI via our live tournament reports, built on a powerful, real-time analytics tool.

QuizJam builds engaged teams.

Easy to implement

Quick to build, easy to play and straight forward reporting makes QuizJam effortless.

Identify knowledge gaps

With question by question breakdown, knowledge gaps become apparent quickly.

Prove Training ROI

Expect higher enagagement rates with surveys and ads that feel like a natural part of the game.

Surveys that don’t suck

Expect higher enagagement rates with surveys and ads that feel like a natural part of the game.

Instant insights

Actionable results are always available via the live reporting system.

Simply fun!

Get quantifiable proof while boosting training retention.

It builds quizzes itself – almost.

Build quick quizzes quick.

Our intuitive quiz builder allows anyone to create and deploy tournaments to staff in minutes.

More of a tinkerer?

Every setting can be tweaked and controlled to create your quiz utopia.

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Instant preview

Typing straight into the phone shows you how your questions will look to your team.

Unlimited control

Any setting can be tweaked to create your quiz the way you want it.


Question time
Question order
Score calculations
Assists usage
+ much more

White labelled

Brand your tournament and create ads to be displayed throughtout your quizzes.

B R A N D E D   O P P O R T U N I T I E S

Tournament card Tournament background Share background Advertisements + key messages linked to any URL, with a choice of opt-in buttons

Deployed at light speed

As soon as you press publish, your tournament is available to be played through the QuizJam app.

Don’t know what to ask?

We’re overflowing with content.

With over 100 prefilled quiz templates, we have the right questions to find what your teams need.

Topics included:

Health and Wellness
Basic Inductions
Brain Teasers
IQ Tests and 100’s of Fun + Casual tournaments

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Prefilled, for your convenience

Our tournament templates are completely ready to publish, reducing your workload to a whopping zero.

P R E F I L L E D  I T E M S I N C L U D E D

Questions + answers
Ads + key messages

100% Editable

We don’t know your business, you do. Change everything within the template to create the quiz you need.

Huge amount of categories

Brain Training
Business + Technology
Food + Drink
General Knowledge
Health + Wellbeing

Special Events
World Days

All the tools to make decisions.

Incredibly easy to get digest reports.

Our reports begin at-a-glance for maximum information in minimal time. Drill down to find the trends surrounding your problem, allowing you to fix and prevent them.

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Live reports

Reports are created in real time to give you the information you need – anytime.

Easy to read

Our intuitive reports give you only information you need.

Identify knowledge gaps

See where teams are struggling and take action early.

Drilled down

See your reports at an overview or drilled down to the team or individual user.

QuizJam for Teams is flexible

QuizJam is optimised for

Team Building



Change management

Brand management


Trusted by

“What has drawn us to QuizJam for Teams platform is the ease of implementation and the intuitive nature of the platform. We can have key messages and training in the hands of all 1400+ employees instantly and receive live analytics and reports as we need them. We plan to use QJT for safety, culture and job specific training modules in a way that will leverage ABN Group’s sense of fun and social competition..”

Robyn Preston,

Communications Manager – ABN Group

“We’ve recently started using QuizJam to drive internal engagement through running weekly industry and organisation news based quizzes. Easy and quick to set up, it has been simple to integrate into our weekly way of working and demonstrates that there’s a fun way to educate and create competition among our teams.”

Matt Houltham,

Managing Director – havas

“We trialled QuizJam as part of our annual RBS HR Virtual Team Day. We ran a series of Quizjam tournaments in the lead up to the event, and on the day itself, which assisted in fostering virtual cross team collaboration and a sense of fun. The app was very easy to use and over 96% of participants said that it increased their level of interaction and engagement on the day”

Sara Rasmussen,

GM Organisation, RBS Human Resources – Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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