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A gamified solution for innovative organisations looking for exciting and new ways to educate, engage, survey and improve the culture within their teams. Built on top of a real time analytics engine, QuizJam connects you with your team on a deeper level, allowing for faster, more effective decision making.

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“What has drawn us to QuizJam for Teams platform is the ease of implementation and the intuitive nature of the platform. We can have key messages and training in the hands of all 1400+ employees instantly and receive live analytics and reports. We plan to use QJT for safety, culture and job specific training modules in a way that will leverage ABN Group’s sense of fun and social competition.”

Robyn, ABN Group

“We’ve recently started using QuizJam to drive internal engagement through running weekly industry and organisation news based quizzes. Easy and quick to set up, it has been simple to integrate into our weekly way of working and demonstrates that there’s a fun way to educate and create competition among our teams.”


“In our recent safety culture survey it was identified that the communication of safety messages was a cause for concern for our workforce. We wanted to engage our workforce in a fun and interactive way, as well as continually assess the communication strategies for effectiveness. We chose QuizJam because it provided us with exactly what we needed to engage our workforce. The product is low cost and easy to implement (even for a technologically challenged safety team). The data provided will allow us continually assess the knowledge of our workforce and allow us to target our resources in specific areas, which is vital in a business with a wide geographic spread.”

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Set up & deploy scaleable tournaments within minutes
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Gamification is about more than just playing games, by applying game design thinking and game mechanics to your workplace you greatly increase the effectiveness of reaching engagement, learning and team building objectives.


Organizations who deploy gamification can improve EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT BY

48 %


0 %
Higher Productivity
0 %
Lower Absenteeism
0 %
Higher Profitability
0 %
Lower Turnover


Set up and go Create an account using the customer portal and have your first tournament in the hands of your team in under 5 minutes! All they need is a smartphone and internet.
Create and Engage Using our intuitive Quiz Builder, you can create text and image based multiple choice questions to challenge and engage your team no matter where they are in the world.
Instant Reporting Gain real-time insights into the effectiveness and engagement levels of tournaments. Quickly find strengths and areas for improvement within the team.

Real time reporting power

Real time reporting power

A question is asked to the group of employees who can answer via smartphone anywhere in the world in real time.
Matthew answered correctly!

This shows that Matthew understands the importance of being a team and working together.

Is Matthew a trend setter? Can Matthew be used to champion a team building exercise in the future?

60% of the team answered incorrectly

Overall there is work to be done to build a cohesive team.

Reports can show where the issue lies, including individual departments, age or gender.

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of employees worldwide feel engaged at work
0 %
of employees would leave their current job in a heartbeat for a company that clearly recognized their efforts
$ 0 billion
is the cost of employee disengagement per year to the U.S. economy