Drive real revenue with an engagement hub

A QuizJam engagement hub uses gamification principles and concepts to drive a deeper connection with your audience. The gamified content, leaderboards, reward programs and competitions have your audience coming back more often and staying longer on your site.

An engagement hub is a collection of games easily embedded inside your website or app.

Build a community around your engagement hub, creating retention loops that drive your users back to compete in weekly games that contribute to their teams victory.

“The QuizJam platform allows Mamamia to interact with our audience on a completely new level. Our community is incredibly passionate and engaged, but QuizJam allows us and our brand partners to communicate with them in a unique way that adds value on so many levels. It is now a valuable tool in our digital sales-kit, adding another layer to our offering that distinguishes us in the market, giving us another way to help brands connect with our audience in a meaningful and shareable way.”

Steve Marshell, Head of Sales – Mamamia

“The QuizJam platform allows us to further interact and connect with our audience, whilst at the same time gain further insights through user data to provide a richer audience and advertising experience.”

Dan Stinton – Head of Digital Seven West Media WA


Choose your campaign goals


We utilise gamification concepts such as multilayer leaderboards, prizes and reward programs to drive an unmatched level of engagement


The QuizJam campaign manager allows for a rapid white labelling of your engagement hub giving you the ability to dramatically increase your digital sales offering.

Lead Generation

Building user trust, providing upfront value and using gamificaiton principles delivers results above industry standards

Market Research

Utilising the CX Gamified Surveys, powered by the Campaign Manager we deliver fun and non-intrusive market research campaigns.

Achieve them through our gamified toolkit

Beat the expert

Beat the score


Personality quiz

Ranked list

This or that

20 Words or less

True or false

Swipe left or right

Gallery quiz

Correct order

Fill in the blanks

Supercharged with goal-smashing features

Multilayered Leaderboards

Use leaderboards to build community and drive social competition. Leaderboards can be set to a season length to boost engagement throughout a period.

CX Gamified Surveys

Trigger gamified surveys throughout the QuizJam ecosystem that reach customers when they are most receptive.

Powerful Lead Generation

Create lead generating games and campaigns that attach the users actions to their ID, creating a more qualified and richer lead.

Digital Coupons

Special offer ads are designed to be placed as a reward at the end of a game. The user opts in to receive a special offer or digital coupon which is automatically emailed to them.

One-tap Calendar Integration

When a user clicks on a call to action, a meeting invite is automagically added to their calendar.

Unique Social Content

All games are seamlessly shared on all social platforms becoming a unique asset to your social media tool kit.


QuizJam can be a game of skill where competition permits are not required or a game of chance.

Google Tag Manager + Facebook

Brands have the opportunity to insert their own analytics and tracking packages to enable retargeting to their audience.


QuizJam games are a great way to make the boring stuff fun and with Explainers you can further educate or engage them outside of the standard gameplay.

QuizJam Live

Capture the attention of an entire arena with an interactive live quiz experience at any live event.

Immersive Advertising

Serve ads based on the users journey increasing the conversion rates over standard display banner ads.

And all controlled with our Campaign Manager

Hot swappable campaigns

Campaigns come and go, all with different requirements. Hot swapping assets in and out removes the hassle and setup of new campaigns.

Hit campaign goals

View insight on your campaign elements, which can be removed once campaign goals have been hit, or continue the campaign for stretch goals!

Live insights

Your campaigns are tracked every step of the way, find out where the campaign is headed if you need to change tactics.

Prove ROI

Show your brand partners exactly what happened throughout the campaign proving the value of your business.

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