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What’s new in June!

We continue to bring QuizJam forward with more visual overhauls and help for first time players. Who am I versing again? We've listened to feedback that people aren't sure of who they are versing. We've given visual feedback now that you're in fact versing the leader...

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v5.0.0 Changelog

New UI, QuizJam for Teams and tournament builder are the major features in our v5.0.0 release. Brand new user interface This is the beginning of a visual overhaul for QuizJam. We’ve listened to the feedback regarding too many screens, hiding important information to...

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4 Principles to Being a Better Writer

Greetings! My name is Blade Shaw and I’m currently the Customer Success and Global Content Manager for QuizJam. My academic experience is in both Journalism and Public Relations, and in 2016 I was voted by my peers and editorial staff as the Gamecloud Writer of the...

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Gamification = Results

One of the biggest barriers that gamification comes up against currently is the validity of the concept. There are a lot of arguments that fall on either side, but there’s already a substantial number of examples that show how gamification can truly enhance a...

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Take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

For some time now, games have slowly been evolving into different spaces. Traditionally viewed as a juvenile hobby, games are now being used in business, health and educational organisations and continuing to grow and develop the expanse of what they can truly do....

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