Discover the ultimate engagement platform.

We don’t play games when it comes to gamification. Connect your brand to the right audience, build consumer trust, increase engagement and generate leads. And do it all with our unique, gamified approach.

  • Personality Quiz

  • Have your say

  • Video Quiz

  • Score Quiz

  • Beat the Score

  • Beat the Expert

QuizJam connects with and delivers content to consumers that engages them and adds value, rather than frustrating and annoying them!


Omnichannel technology

  • Embed directly into existing websites
  • Embed inside existing apps
  • Create stand alone URLs

Wherever your customer engagement is needed – QuizJam can be there. We’ll bend it like Beckham to make sure our tech fits seamlessly with every vertical you need us to work with.


Unique Lead Generation

Engaged customers are the best customers and QuizJam has the advantage of being able to extract data from users before, during and after a quiz. This presents a unique opportunity to stealthily and seamlessly gather the right intel at the right time, with minimal distraction.

Market Research 🚀

With its ability to present users with gamified surveys and polls, market research has never been so fun or easy. Your engaged users will tell you everything you need to know about what’s going on in your industry while you entertain them along the way.

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Smart ads

Serving ads based on the users journey increases the conversion rates over standard display banner ads.

Get total control over your ads from the creative, right down to the placement

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Special Offerboards

Promote tailored offers to users based on the specifics of how they engage with your content

Ad Inventory slots

Filter ad content from brand partners so that the right ads show for the right users at the right time

Interactive mobile ads

Get creative with interactive gestures and mobile techniques like scratch and win

Video ads

Get users paying extra close attention by asking them questions about your video content

Our features are built to make your ability to engage your customers easier than ever

Supercharge your Socials

Link and track quizzes directly from Facebook, Instagram and eNewsletters


Supercharge your insight with access to every stat from every game played to measure brand penetration and engagement levels from every angle

Competition management

Use the QuizJam platform to easily manage competitions and giveaways

Generate unique content

Content is still king and the cornerstone of any good digital marketing strategy – so why not give your users fun content to play with?

Outdoor activation

Marry your offline events with your online presence to increase attendee participation and engagement

Full service agency

We’re happy for you to supply us with a brief and we will do the rest.

Our publishing partners will make sure your message gets out to your targeted audience.


Australia’s largest independent women’s website

Direct access to

+1,100,000 women


Australia’s number one sports app network

Direct access to

+1,400,000 sports fans


Student Edge, the #1 site for students

Direct access to

+1,200,000 students

Our publishers receive

  • Increased dwell time
  • Creative publishing tools
  • Smart Ads

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